16 Step Analog Sequencer FULL Bare Bones Kit

16 Step Analog Sequencer Kit and updated BOM
December 28, 2010
16 Step Analog Sequencer Bare Bones Kit FOR SALE!
December 30, 2010

Perhaps the only 16 Step analog sequencer kit available on the market.  This is the crown jewel of 16 step sequencers, let me name off the features:

– Full 16 Steps, that can be reset from 1-16 with the flip a switch and turn of our 8 step switch!

– On, Hold-Through, and Off functions per step

– Gate and S-Trig (for Moog synths)

– CV OUT with 2 voltage modes 9v and 5 volts (switched)

– Clock INPUT

– Clock OUT

– LED per step

– Variable Gate length (Staccato to long holds)

– Momentary and hard hold (stop) function for tuning each step

– 9V Center Negative AC Adapter is required (or you can wire it up as you see fit)

-PC Board Measures 8 and 3/8 x 5.25″

This bare bones kit includes everything for you to make your own sequencer and put it in your case.  Most components mount to the PCB directly and requires very little wiring.  This is an intermediate to advanced kit, so please proceed with care.  We can build this kit for you, just drop us a line.