MIX Assembly Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Synthrotek Passive MIX kit! This is pretty easy build, great for first-time DIYers.

Please build according to the BOM, and not these instructions or the pictures alone. Some components may have changed since these were written, or we may not be able to get the proper components in the pictures.

Let’s begin!

MIX Eurorack Passive MixerPCB and Panel

MIX Eurorack Passive Mixer PCB and Panel

Take the 10mm standoff and attach it the PCB with the silver 2.5mm screw

MIX Standoff

MIX Standoff

Place all of your 3.5mm jacks in the PCB as shown below.  Place them on the the side of the board that has the white silk screen boxes. You can use the panel to align the jacks then turn over and solder in place.

MIX - Jacks

MIX – Jacks

Now place the pots onto the PCB as shown below.

MIX-Pot Placement

MIX-Pot Placement

Then take the panel and place it over the pots and the jacks.

MIX - Panel Alignment

MIX – Panel Alignment

Carefully add the jack nuts.

MIX - Jack Nuts

MIX – Jack Nuts

Tighten down the black hex 2.5mm screw through the panel into the standoff.

MIX - Black 2.5mm Screw

MIX – Black 2.5mm Screw

Now squeeze the pot clamps onto the PCB then solder ONLY the pot clamps onto the PCB.  DO NOT SOLDER THE PINS YET.

MIX - Pot Clamp Soldering

MIX – Pot Clamp Soldering

Align the pots now by hand so that they are vertical and centered.

MIX - Align Pots

MIX – Align Pots

Solder pot leads into place once the lots are aligned, then solder the jacks.

MIX - Pot Lead Soldering

MIX – Pot Lead Soldering

Make sure you tighten the nuts on the jacks and you are then good to start mixing!

MIX Final Build

MIX Final Build


Passive mixer schematic