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  1. Rick Hardy says:

    For those out there whom are buying their parts from Mouser, you should add “Jack” or “Audio” to the Part “3.5mm Hex Nuts” on this BOM.

    Otherwise, they may inadvertently purchase 80 x PJ301BM.

    I know you have the visual BOM for comparison but if someone is making up a spreadsheet listing all the Mouser parts from these BOMs (like like I have for all the DIY Synthrotek & MST Euro modules), then they may inadvertently duplicate certain items.

    I have found this to be confusing for 2.5mm Screws, 3mm Screws, 3.5mm Screws & 500K Pots.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is to be consistent with the language/names on all the BOMs.

    Just a couple more general comments:

    I always thought that nuts, lock washers & flat washers were included when you buy items like audio jacks and potentiometers. ?? ?
    Are those listed on your BOMs for the benefit of people who bought kits, so they can count them when they get their kit so they know they were sent the correct amount ?

    Anyhow, please don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining or trying to nit-pick.

    I’m actually pleased that you guys have these modules in kit form, or just pcbs & panels and provide Mouser part numbers for DIYers like myself.
    That’s the main reason why I selected your modules over all they other modules out there.
    Keep up the good work, wish you success & I look forward to building these modules.

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