This product has been discontinued, but we made a better one!  Check out the Sequence 8, available in 9V and Eurorack format.


8 Step Basic Analog Sequencer





The Synthrotek 8 Step Sequencer is a key element in any synth rig! Turn your static synth into a dynamic and musical instrument. Features:

  • 8 adjustable steps with toggle switches and LED indication
  • Sequence length can be adjusted from 1-8 steps with modular-style jack inputs. Reset button sets the sequence immediately to the beginning.
  • 3 CV (Control Voltage) outputs allow for multiple synthesizer synchronization with independent threshold adjustment from 0-9V.
  • Clock IN/OUT to sync with other sequencers or clock-generating sources
  • – Momentary and Hard (Stop) Hold function to pause your sequence. Step function allows you to manually advance your sequence or adjust each step for precise CV output
  • Dual Clock Speed Controls (Coarse and Fine) gives users the ability to match the tempo for playing live or in the studio!
  • Knobs and Switches – get your hands on it!
  • Powered by 9V Battery or 12VDC Center Negative AC Adapter

Check out our Youtube channel for more videos


  1. Aleks says:

    Why don’t u sell the 8 or 10 Step Basic Analog Sequencer anymore?
    I would really like to by it.

    The 8 step is small and great fun, and much cheaper than the 16 step.

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    currently being ordered, should be back in stock (and better!!!) in 3 weeks

  3. Zach says:

    I would really like to get my hands on the 10 step kit… Please ring it back…?

  4. Zach says:

    My build of the new 8-step kit. I built an APC into the same enclosure. It’s a blast! The video linked below shows the final product driving a Korg Monotribe clock with the CV pushing the in-house APC, which is routed into the Monotribe’s filter for some LFO action.

  5. Matt O says:

    I would like to order an 8 step seq. kit.
    do you still
    sell them?
    how much does the bare bones kit cost.
    I am a previous customer
    Matt O

  6. Steve Harmon says:

    We now have an 8 step kit in the store!

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