Atari Punk Console Bass Version

Using the same PCB as the original Atari Punk

Item QTY Reference Part
1 2 R1, R2 10Ω Resistor, 1kΩ Resistor
2 1 R3 39kΩ Resistor
3 1 R4 6.2kΩ Resistor
4 1 POT1 500kΩB Potentiometer with On/Off Switch
5 2 POT2, POT3 500kΩB Potentiometer
6 1 C1 82nF Capacitor
7 1 C2 0.047μF Capacitor
8 1 C3 100μF Electrolytic Capacitor
9 1 D1 LED or Diode
10 1 U1 556 Timer IC
11 2 J1, J2 1/4″ Mono Audio Jack
12 1 J3 9V Battery Connector
13 1 J4 DC Adapter Jack
14 1 PCB Atari Punk Console Printed Circuit Board


  1. ad says:

    Hello,can you tell me which one is the Atari punk PCB you use, theres to many… is Forrest mims one? thanks

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    similar, her did come up the circuit

  3. SimSar says:

    Just completed the bass APC , works a treat , great fun .
    Its the second of your kits I’ve built (the delay is the other one)
    Both were enjoyable to build and as a novice its given me great confidence
    So thanks !

  4. Steve Harmon says:

    Thanks SimSar!

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