1. Maeghan says:

    Does C1, the 100uF serve as a polarity protection? The diode right after it would make me think so to but I’m still learning this stuff.

    I ask because I accidentally plugged in a center positive power supply and I’m hoping that not too many of the components weren’t destroyed. (I ruined one of these boards by not being able to desolder an elec. cap.)

    Thanks so much in advance ~ maeghan/pulsewidthmod

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    Hello Maeghan,

    I would certainly try replacing C1 since you plugged in a center positive power supply. That’s where I would start off first. I certainly wouldn’t try heading up the cap and pulling it off of the board unless you feel quite capable of doing such thing since you can easily lift a via or trace. Solder wick and desoldering guns are really handy. Hope this helps.

  3. maeghan says:

    @Steve Harmon
    I’m finally getting around to fixing this. Yup, I’ve got a really decent pump and solder station WES51 😉 Thanks for the tips.
    cheers ~ maeghan/pulsewidthmod

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