1. Bat says:

    I try to make this delay from you schematic but something went wrong (It doesn’t work correctly, I would buy a PCD from your company but in france mort of the component have different size and the shipping price is expensive because the package have to travel all around the world). So I ask you a question about the 7805 : Why this is the “in” pin which deliver the 5V current ant the “out” which receive the 9V.

    When I plug it un into a 9V battery and whit a battery-alimented instrument there is no trouble, but when I try to plug it whit an adaptator the electric circuit of my home trip out… So if you have any recommandation or advice, thank to answer me !

  2. Patrick Kelly says:

    Hey Bat,

    According to the schematic, pin 3 is the input from the battery and the dc jack (9v in), pin 2 is the ground connection, and pin 1 is 5v out to the circuit.

    It sounds like you may have a short somewhere in your circuit, or maybe the dc jack isn’t wired right?

    -Patrick at Synthrotek

  3. Bat says:

    Hi !
    I found this schematic,

    I understand now what did you said in your answer : there is a pin invertion between the pins of the LM7805 and the L78L05. if I use a L78L05 i have to follow your schematic, but if I use a LM7805 I have to invert the pins.
    So I’ll make it perfectly i think, no more crash.

    The last question concern the grounds of the IC (I didn’t find any advice about it on the net) : Does the AGND and the DGND can be link in any place or it’s better to link the DGND together before linking all the grounds ?
    Thanks for the help !

  4. Bill J. says:

    No problems with the build, but I did notice that labels for C12 and C13 here are swapped from how they are on the PCB, BOM, and the assembly instructions. To be consistent, C12 should be the ceramic 10nF pulled to ground, and C13 should be the electrolytic feeding the upper post on R10.

    Bill J

  5. Marty says:

    What is the maximum input voltage does this accept?

  6. Synthrotek says:

    We recommend 9V

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