Thank you for purchasing the EZ3PDT kit! This is not a full kit for a specific type of guitar pedal, rather a starting point with common functional guitar pedal circuitry. It saves a ton of wiring, and lets you get straight to the fun part: building a fuzz, distortion, delay, etc.


*Please note that the wire colors may vary a little.

Assembly instructions

  1. Solder the resistor to the board. Polarity does not matter, it can face either direction.
  2. If you want to solder the LED directly to the PCB, insert it next to the resistor. If you are wiring it in, you can insert the wires next to the resistor (D1) or next to the other components. Make sure to match the flat side of the LED with the flat side of the silkscreen.
  3. Solder the 3PDT switch to the board.
  4. Wire in the remaining components as indicated by the silkscreen. You can see an example of this in the diagram below. (Note: the breadboard is not included in the kit.)

And that’s it! Not much to mention on this one. Have fun DIYing, hope you make something killer!