Synthrotek 4093 Chaos nand console kit

The Chaos NAND Synth is a super-modifiable noise generator that will knock your socks off with its sheer amount of sonic potential! Low pulsing drones, random robotic chaos, high-pitched laser sounds – it’s all here in this small package.

A great project to begin your explorations into the world of DIY sound synthesis, the PCB was designed with the beginner in mind. Board-mountable switches, tension-relief power supplies, socketed IC, hands-on knobs and switches for tone control, and a detailed silkscreen PCB to help you solder components right the first time.

The Chaos NAND Synth Complete Kit w/ Knobs includes all of the components that you’ll need to build your own. Powered by 9V battery, an AC Adapter rated at 5-12V 200mA Center Negative polarity can also be used.

The Chaos NAND Synth is our custom modification of the Chaos NAND Synth circuit.  4 Knobs and 4 Switches for ultimate control! Two gating oscillators can be switched on/off and varied. Pitch lets you determine the final output sound and Volume sets the output level.  CV Input allows for you to power your circuit off an external voltage source for tons of tones you never thought possible! Feed it ~+4V and let it starve or crank up the voltage to 12V for some serious output power! Use a step sequencer to vary the insanity!  CV Switch lets you toggle between CV and Power Supply voltage. On/Off Switch kills the power to the circuit allows for a sick dive bomb / laser sound as the circuit discharges its stored voltage.



  1. alkalinemusic says:

    I just recently purchased the nand synth and assembled it. The build was very straight forward and was easy enough for a beginner diy-er like me. I was wondering about the extra perf board section on the pcb. Iwould like to know what sort of other mods i could do with it. I’ve done some digging around online but can’t really find anything specific. If possible, could you lead me in the right direction? If not, i understand. Btw, i love the synth and am planning on buying the CCM to sync it with Ableton. Really enjoyed my first build and can’t wait to do more. Thank you

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi! I am glad it went smooth! It is a mini breakout board, There is + and – power and room for you to add a circuit. We have been meaning to put up some mods, but we have not done anything yet. You can get the Schematic on our site for the nand and see what would bee cool. The project is modifiable. I will make some blog post and FB posts when we have more info.

  3. alkalinemusic says:

    Could I add a 555 timer to it? I have the parts to construct one, but being quite a newbie at this, I wouldnt know what on the nand that I would attach it to.

  4. Steve Harmon says:

    Yeah, you could add a 555 timer, at the moment, I am not sure which pins you would want to connect to. You may want to look at the 4093 data sheet, we are using 3 of the 4 available nand gates on the IC, so I am sure you could connect it to the remaining one.

  5. alkalinemusic says:

    Cool…thanks for the reply. I’ll see what i can come up with

  6. brandon.lane6 says:

    I have just purchased this and was thinking of adding a dc input jack to provide a lasting power supply. Before i do this i want to check with you what the maximum voltage you can run through this. Is 12v DC too much?

    Thanks in advance

  7. Steve Harmon says:

    I think that will work, we have used 9v which works great. I looked at the data sheet and there is a +18 max input voltage so you SHOULD be fine. I would take a peek at the 4093 data sheet for more info

  8. Abby says:

    Hi just wondering there is a link to the schematics for this?

  9. Abby says:

    Another quick question. Would is be possible to add ⅛” jacks under each pot to add the possibility of modulation from a modular synth?

  10. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi Abby, We have a modular version of this kit:
    This version allows this.

  11. I assembled mine over the weekend. I love how it turned out!

  12. Giovanni says:

    Just noticed this kit has suddenly disappeared from the shop. Has it been discontinued?

  13. Steve Harmon says:

    Whoops, it shouldn’t have been pulled from the shop, just marked as out-of-stock. We have run out of the PCBs, but more are on their way and should arrive this week. Check back at the end of this week and they should be listed as in-stock again.

  14. Steve Harmon says:

    We should get more in stock TOMORROW 9/5/2013

  15. Opaloka says:

    Finished the Chaos NAND today and have been playing with it for the last hour. What a blast! I love this little module. With a few LFO’s and some echo you can groove for hours. Great job guys!

  16. Nic says:

    Does it work combined with guitar and other guitar effects?

  17. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi Nic, it doesn’t work with an audio input signal, just control voltage. Although it comes in a guitar pedal-sized case, it isn’t a guitar effect, it’s a synth.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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