PT2399 Delay Bill of Materials

QTY Reference Part Mouser Part #
 4  R1,R4,R6,R8  1MΩ Resistor  291-1M-RC
 10  R2,R3,R5,R11,R12… R14,R15,R16,R19,R21  10kΩ Resistor  291-10K-RC
 2  R9,R10 470Ω Resistor  291-470-RC
 2  R13,R20  15kΩ Resistor  291-15K-RC
1 R7 33kΩ Resistor  291-220-RC
 1  R17  3.3kΩ Resistor  291-3.3K-RC
 1  R18  5.6kΩ Resistor  291-5.6K-RC
 1  R22  1kΩ Resistor  291-1K-RC
 7 C1,C2,C5,C7,C10,C12,C13  0.1uF Ceramic Capacitor  140-50U9-104Z-RC
 1  C24 3.9nF Ceramic Capacitor 80-C317C392K5R5CA
 1  C3  1nF Ceramic Capacitor  140-50P2-102K-RC
 2  C14,C15 82nF or 100nf (0.1uF) Ceramic Capacitor   81-RPER71823K2M2A03A
 2  C16,C20 560pF Ceramic Capacitor  810-FK28C0G2A561J
 1  C17 3.3nF Ceramic Capacitor  80-C317C332M1U5CA
 1  C18 0.01uF Ceramic Capacitor  81-RDED72J103K2M1C1A
 3  C19,C22,C23 4.7uF Ceramic Capacitor  810-FK24Y5V1C475Z
 1  C4 1uF Electrolytic Capacitor   667-EEU-HD1H1R0B
 3  C6,C9,C11 47uF Electrolytic Capacitor   667-EEA-GA1V470
 1  C8 100uF Electrolytic Capacitor   871-B41828A5107M000
 1  C21 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor  140-XRL16V10-RC
 1  D1  1N4148 Diode  512-1N 871-B41828A5107M0004148
 2  D2,D3  5mm LED  604-WP63YD (or similar)
 1 U1  PT2399 Delay IC  Various suppliers, soon to be at the Store!
 1  U2  LM78L05 Voltage Regulator  512-LM78L05ACZX
 1  U3  NE5532 Dual Op Amp Low Noise IC  595-NE5532P
 1  U1  16 PIN Socket
 1  U3 8 PIN Socket 649-DILB8P223TLF
 2 MIX,DELAY LENGTH  20kΩ Potentiometer  P160KN-0QC15B20K
 1  FEEDBACK  50kΩ Potentiometer  P160KN-0QC15B50K
 1  SW1 (Only  3PDT Stomp Switch (only with stompbox kit)  Various suppliers
 1  IN  1/8″ / 1/4″ Stereo Jack  161-3402-E/ 568-NYS212
 1  OUT  1/8″ / 1/4″ Mono Jack   16PJ138 / 550-10021
 1  DC_Jack  DC Jack  Various suppliers
 1  9V Battery  9V Battery Clip  12BC310-GR
 1  PCB  Synthrotek PT2399 Delay PCB (Printed Circuit Board)  Available only from Synthrotek!
 1 Wire  24AWG Stranded Wire  Various suppliers



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