1. Mike G says:

    Isn’t C11 supposed to be 4.7nf not uf ?

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    No, it is 4.7 uf

  3. Mike G says:

    Hi Steve thanks , on your schematic page I downloaded and it lists C11 as 4.7nf , BOM says uf .

  4. Steve Harmon says:

    We recently updated the BOM. A 4.7nF capacitor will still function but we found that a 4.7uf cap works better.

  5. Oriol says:


    Is it posible to change the c11 from ceramic to Electrolytic?? Thanks!

  6. Steve Harmon says:

    For safety’s sake and keeping the noise true to the original design, I would keep the capacitor a ceramic.

  7. Stanislav says:

    Hi Steve, in the BOM have three Transistors 2N3904 and Voltage regulator LM7805. But in my package two Transistors 2N3904 and one transistor lm78l05ACZ. Are they interchangeable?Also here is no Voltage regulator. And one more question about the capacitor C11. What should be the capacity?In BOM capacitor C11 capacity 4.7uF, I have a capacitor 2C473J is 0.047uF if I’m not mistaken.


  8. Patrick Kelly says:

    You are definitely supposed to have three 2N3904 Transistors. The lm78l05ACZ that you have is the voltage regulator. They are definitely not interchangable. C11 is supposed to be a 4.7uF capacitor, If we shipped you the wrong one, im horribly sorry! If you could, just shoot us an email at synthroteksales@gmail.com with your order number and name that the order was placed under, and we will be able to look up your order and get you those parts out real quick!


    -Patrick at Synthrotek

  9. Oli Bailey says:


    I’ve finished my build but it doesn’t seem to power up. There is no sound and the LED does not light. I have chained a Dev delay to the ds8 and that does light up – so I know the power supply is OK. I’ve double checked the power wiring is correct and now I’m completely lost. I have also reflected all points and the shouldering is fine. Do you think the voltage regulator could be at fault? I’d very much appreciate any suggestions for points to test.



  10. Steve Harmon says:

    Hey Oli,
    You should sent pictures and video of your project over to store@synthrotek.com.
    This will help us to figure out a component issue or bad solder joints.
    Have you checked to make sure the DS-8 functions properly by itself, before going into the Dev Delay?
    And similarly, have you tried to the Dev Delay by itself as well?

    Once you isolate the issue to one unit, I will be able to offer you better suggestions.

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