1. Carlo says:

    The visual BOM shows VR1, VR2, VR4 and VR5 as being 1MOhm A vertical pots. However, the BOM with the mouser numbers shows those pots being 500KOhm A vertical pots. Which one is it?

    One more question: These envelopes are linear?


  2. Patrick Kelly says:

    Hey there,

    A1M are the pots to use. Thank you for pointing out this error for us, I’ll change everything so it reads right now. The Envelopes are indeed linear.


  3. Carlo says:


  4. rs says:

    The mouser part number for the 4.3 zener is the same as for the red led: WP710A10ID. Not correct I assume.

  5. Patrick Kelly says:

    Hey there, Thanks for pointing this out! I’ll make sure that gets changed right away!


  6. Dan Richert says:

    Looks like the part number for the 10uF caps would be 871-B43821A9106M (current listed number is discontinued)

    What’s the tolerance requirement for the 100nF capacitors? Mouser 140-50U9-104Z-RC has worse tolerance specs but has no minimum purchase (the suggested part has a minimum order of 200)

    Any update on the mouser part number for the zener diodes? Thanks!

  7. Steve Harmon says:

    Hey Dan,
    I moved your comments into one comment.

    That cap should work as well! However, its voltage rating is super high for this circuit. Wont be a problem but it isn’t totally necessary.

    We use ceramic caps with around %20 tolerance. The ones you listed should be fine!

    We are getting our Zener diodes from various suppliers at the moment. However, I believe this diode with Mouser #78-1N5229B should do the trick!


  8. ian says:

    are the SPDT switches On/On? or what exactly?
    can you please show me the part number via link on your site, or tayda?

  9. Steve Harmon says:

    Hey Ian,

    We use ON/ON switches for the Dual Envelope but we will make sure to go in and indicate that on the BOM. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
    You can buy the proper switches directly from our store now. Here are the ones we use for the AD/ASR:


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