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16 Step Analog Sequencer

– 16 adjustable steps – On, Off, or Hold-Through to retain the last step’s potentiometer-set value for longer CV times. – Sequence length can be adjusted from 1-16 steps. The 16 Step Sequencer can be shortened to 8 steps with the flip of a toggle switch. The 8 Step Switch allows you to further shorten your sequence from 1-8 or 9-16.
– On, Hold-Through, and Off functions per step
– Gate and S-Trig outputs (for Moog synths)
– CV OUT switchable between 5V and 9V
– Clock IN/OUT to sync with other sequencers or clock-generating sources
– Reset sync for connecting multiple sequencers
– LED indication per step
– Variable Gate/S-Trig length output (staccato to full step duration)
– Momentary and Hard (Stop) Hold function to pause for tuning each step, allowing for precise CV output.
– Knobs and Switches – get your hands on it!

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  1. 16 step sequencer R91 and R92 not showing resistor values

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    R91 and R92 don’t get populated in the current assembly.

  3. Tim Wellman says:

    Hi, I have enjoyed playing with the 16-step with my euro-frac-rack system.
    It seems like after installing the mod board for the step switch that the clock input does not respond.
    Should the clock input continue to work after installing the mod board?
    Is there any patch or work-around? (besides using the 16-step as the clock source…)

  4. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi Tim, the clock input should work fine. Perhaps the mod needs to be checked over?

  5. Tim Wellman says:

    @Steve Harmon
    OK, I got it to work by amplifying and inverting the clock signal.
    After looking at the levels on an oscilloscope, it seems it was either not enough voltage or maybe did not actually go to negative voltage.
    What are the requirements for the clock input?

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