I received my kit but it is missing or has the wrong parts. Can you send me the right parts?

We apologize for any inaccuracies in the parts included in the kits.  Please double check the BOM for the kit online and then email us with details of the incorrect or missing parts. Often the parts are not missing, the BOM may have changed or the parts are misidentified. If you are indeed need parts we will ship them promptly.  Please include where you purchased the kit and an order number if you have one as this will speed us locating your order and shipping address. This also helps us identify the possible source of the inaccuracy. If you purchased the kit at a retail location please let us know which one and when you purchased it.

Can I have the schematics for XXXX kit?

All the schematics we have are available in the Support/Schematics section of our website.

I’m having trouble with functioning of my kit, what can I do?

Please email us for any support you might need.  Additionally it helps to include photos of your work so that we can look the project over and hopefully quickly notice the issue. We may also ask you to take voltage measurements from certain points, so having a voltmeter or multimeter handy is helpful.

The parts in my kit don’t physically match the one in the instructions, can you send me the right ones?

Parts may vary in physical appearance while being the correct part electrically. Please check that the parts markings or codes are the same as this is more important than physically appearing the same.  Some parts may be difficult to discern if they are comparable, if this is the case please send us an email.

The parts I received match the BOM but do not match the instructions, which is correct?

In general, the BOM is considered to be correct over the instructions. Changes to the instructions take longer to edit than the BOM. In an ideal world both would match all the time and we’re working on that.  For now, the BOM wins, and if you still have questions email us.

My order shipped XX days ago but I haven’t received it. Where is it?

Check your email for a tracking number. When your order ships our system automatically sends the tracking number to the email you gave us when you placed the order. So make sure your email is correct and look in your spam folder too. If you did not receive a tracking number email us with the order information: date, name on order and order number if you have one.  We’ll email you back with the status and make sure the tracking number is there so you can continue to monitor it. International orders, postal service shipping can take 2 weeks to a month. Yes, this includes our Canadian neighbors.  If your international order can’t wait 2 weeks to a month please select a faster shipping method.


  1. William Min says:

    Hey guys! Just got a Rat Clone PCB and finished wiring everything!
    It seems to work ok but the only issue is that when the volume is anywhere between the minimum and max, there’s a harsh squeal that comes through the pedal.
    I’m wondering if you guys could help me do some troubleshooting with that?


    (FYI this is the first time I’ve ever built anything from “scratch”!)

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi William,

    It’s hard to say what could be the cause of that. If you want to send us some photos of the top and bottom of the board we can see if there’s anything we can spot in the photos. Send them to synthroteksales@gmail.com

  3. Rob Wiese says:

    How exactly do you connect the 555 timer to pin 6 of the PT2399 Dev Delay? Instructions & / or a photo or two would be helpful, thanks.

  4. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi Rob, We dont have specific instructions at present, but you should be able to connected the positive lead out of the 555 timer to pin 6 on the Pt2399, then connect the other to ground on the Pt2399.

  5. Dan Wilson says:

    I’m having some trouble with the 9V DC jacks on your kits. The screenprint usually reads “P”, “C” and “S”, but all my female DC connectors (for barrel plugs) have two connection points…tip and ring.

    If I understand correctly, I’m able to connect the DC connector AND the 9V battery clip to allow the option of battery vs. wallwart power UNLESS I short out “C” and “S” (which leaves me with 9V battery capability only). I want to have both options, but I’m not sure how to connect the tip and ring of my power jack to the P C and S solder points.

    Can you help me translate how to connect those?


  6. Patrick Kelly says:

    Hey Dan,
    unfortunately with a 2 pin DC jack, you can’t have both options. In order for the circuit to operate fully, you need a dc jack that has that third pin, so it switches the battery off when you plug in a dc jack.

    -Patrick at Synthrotek

  7. Ian G says:

    I’m having trouble confirming the correct wiring for the soft pot connection to the MST Ribbon Controller. I traced the circuit on the ribbon controller board and it looks like the sleeve is ground, tip is +ve and the ring is the wiper. The trouble is that the touch interface boards seem to have the tip wired to the wiper. This looks like it will still work except that if you plug an input signal in to the ribbon controller it will be shorted to ground when you press the ground end of the soft pot.

    Please can you confirm which is the correct wiring because I’m going around in circles trying to figure out if I’ve got something wrong!


  8. Synthrotek says:

    The MST Ribbon Controller uses the ring as V+, the sleeve as Gnd, and the tip as wiper. Depending on which touch interface you are using the ring and the sleeve may be swapped, but the wiper (#2) is always the tip. Swapping the ring as sleeve (#1 & #3) only has the effect of changing which side of the interface will be 0% and which side will be 100%. The riblet only allows for the soft pot to be wired one way (one jack), while the regular interface allows you to choose the orientation (2 jacks). Hope this helps.

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