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Passive “Horror” A/B Box

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Synthrotek strives to bring you the best products and designs available and our “Monster” A/B box is no slouch: -Passive A/B Box with no active circuitry to dilute tone (No “tone-sucking”) -Works with or without power source (6-12 Center Negative 300mA and up Power adapters or a 9v Battery) – Bright LED indicators for stage performance -Internal circuit only active when input is plugged in -VARIOUS SWITCHING OPTIONS: Input A B Guitar amp Tuner Guitar amp1 amp2 Guitar effects clean AMP guit 1 guit 2 -Monster Werewolf ballistic graphics -HEAVY DUTY ALUMINUM Stomp BOX and SWITCH -NOISE REDUCING CIRCUITRY – MADE IN THE USA
PLEASE ALLOW 5-10 days of assembly prior to shipment

DIY Passive A/B Switch



The DIY Passive A/B Switch Bare Bones Kit offers the DIYer a chance to build their very own stompbox A/B Switch to their own specifications. The input signal is routed to either Output A or Output B, with additional circuitry grounding the unused channel for superior noise-limiting performance.


  • All the wiring is on-board! Typical A/B switching configurations require tedious wiring; the DIY Passive A/B Switch PCB gets it done on-board so you can get back to making music.
  • Inputs and outputs are interchangeable: For example, switch two guitars/synths to a single amp, one guitar/synth to two amps.
  • Inputs and outputs are protected from switch pop noise by pull-down resistors.
  • 3PDT switch layout allows for stompbox switching and LED indicators gives you a visual cue which output is active. The DIY Passive A/B Switch circuit can also be used without power and still function.
  • Dual power supplies (9V Battery and +9VDC =>200mA Center Negative DC Adapter Power Supplies) allow you to have the battery as backup or as the main power. Tension-relief holes keep your power supply wires safe from being broken off by stage abuse or a loose battery
  • Input jack power switching – No instrument cable plugged in, no power used. Save life on your expensive batteries!
  • PCB ground plane reduced RF noise and other unwanted signals in your setup.
  • PCBs are professionally manufactured in the USA by Imagineering, based out of Elk Grove Village, IL, and designed here at Synthrotek. PCB silkscreen, through-hole components with careful on-board placement, and wire-tension relief holes were designed with the DIYer in mind!
  • PCB Dimensions: 1.625″ x 1.5″. Small enough for a rugged 1590B Hammond enclosure.
If ordering any assembled version PLEASE ALLOW 5-10 days of assembly prior to shipment

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