Attention: This is the BOM for the OLD version of the Tube Screamer Wired PCB.

If you purchased the “No Pop” version of the TS, check out the new BOM HERE.


Download PDF


  1. Cristian Andaur says:

    Hey thare, i bought the Tube Screamer Clone (PCB Mounted) i made all the constructing job and sound ok. BUT mi problem its the freacking CLANK!!! that i got when i conect and disconect the pedal Switch.

    So…My question is, there its a way to put there a “Pull down” resistor that eliminate the CLANK problem??

    Please let me know.


  2. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi Cristian,

    For pulldown resistors, you’ll want to connect them from the stompswitch vias A2 and C2 to ground.

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