Audio electronics is a huge field to explore and it can puzzle the inexperienced beginner with the sheer amount of information out there.  Our support pages will help you answer those questions and also give you an insight into how we build our stuff.

Tutorials – Step-by-Step guides like building your own audio cables, circuit blocks, using test equipment and tools, good soldering practices, using PCB CAD software like Eagle to make your own PCBs, microcontroller tutorials, etc.  We’ve got a lot of info to share, so stop by often for more updates.

Mods – changes, add-ons and other circuit bending type fun that can be done with or to our kits. Plus important circuit building blocks, weird experimentations, etc. If you need to know how to wire up a true bypass switch or mod your NAND Synth, this is the place to be.

Schematics – A list of our product schematics.