Eurorack Power Supply 3U Kit

Eurorack Power Supply 3U Kit

Eurorack Power Supply System

Eurorack Power Supply System

Eurorack 1U Front Panel

Eurorack 1U Front Panel

Synthrotek’s “super-slim” Eurorack Power Supply System is designed to give you maximum power in a small, elegant package.  This product boasts more than twice as much power as other similarly priced products!

The option of 3U at 4 HP or 1U at 6 HP power entry panels makes this system easy to integrate into any professional or DIY case.  For maximum flexibility, this power supply kicks out all 3 rails (-12, +12, +5) with adequate power for a medium-sized case.  There are 4 mounting holes on the perimeter of the PC board.

Ideal for 3X84HP and beyond (make sure to consult the owner’s manuals of your modules in order to make sure you are not trying to pull more amps than are available with this power supply).  12V 5A power supply required to operate this product (can be purchased as an option above).  Comes with 2 feet of both red and black 16-gauge stranded hookup wire (more can be purchased if needed as an option above).

When purchased with optional 12V 5A power brick/desktop power supply:

  • +12 @ 2.2A
  • -12 @ 1.3A
  • +5 @ 1.5A

PCB Dimensions: 4 1/16″ x 1 5/8″


  1. Williamgep says:

    Hey, thanks for the article.Really thank you!

  2. Juan says:

    I recently purchased the unit pre-assembled. I was trying to find the signals on the connectors J1 & J2. Could you point me to where I could find this please? Thank you.

  3. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi Juan, Scott over at Division 6 made a great chart for this. The only thing it doesn’t show is that STRIPE is on the bottom, just under the -12V:

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