1. Steve Harmon says:

    Seemed to work here, is it still wrong, or does it not go to the BOM? Thanks

  2. Leandro Dias says:


    I (think) have made everything right but i’ve got no sign. just a high pitch hiss (like a senoid). Volume seems ok because it can enhance or dimish this hiss. The bypass and led working fine too. The filter makes a slight variation on the hiss and the drive and r-tone are not doing anything. i’ve rechecked everything. Dont know what to do.

    My main doubt was about the ceramic capacitors, i’ve followed the BOM and it seems alright, but the C3, C4 and C12 are not identical to the picture. Also the SW2 was not the same as in the picture, but similar (i think it is fine).

    the IC should be placed with the dent matching the dent of the IC holder, right? (this should be also in the instructions for beginners like myself).

    Thanks for your time, have a good day.


  3. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi Leandro,

    I can’t say why your RAT is making a hiss. If you could send us a photo of your RAT to synthroteksales@gmail.com we can see if we can’t spot something. The higher resolution the photo the better. If we can’t diagnose it that way you can send it in to us and we will try to diagnose it.

    As for the ceramic capacitors, we don’t always get the capacitors from the exact same manufacture and so the components may sometimes have a slightly different look. As long as their values are correct they will work the same. C3 should have the value code of 473, C4 should have 223, and C12 should have 222.

    And yes, the indent on the IC should match the indent on the IC socket.

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