USB Power - Final Build

USB Power is a light-duty Eurorack power supply designed for mini systems, for testing, and for portability. Plug in a single module, a flying bus cable for multiple modules, or plug it directly into a bus board header. The small PCB footprint was specifically designed to fit our Bus Cheeks systems, but it can easily fit a small enclosure and won’t take much space on your workbench. If you plan using this supply to power the 5V rail on your modules, keep in mind that the 5V rail will sag as you increase your current draw on either or both of the +12 and -12 volt rails.


  • Plugs into a USB wall wart, USB battery pack/power bank, and USB car cigarette lighter adapter (plugging into computer is not recommended; see information below)
  • LED power indicators for +12V, -12V and +5V rails
  • Noise filtering capacitors
  • Holes for easy mounting to your case or workbench
  • USB cable included (1.5 ft)


  • Power output:
    • Cincon
      • +12V: 125mA
      • -12V: 125mA
      • +5V: 0-125mA*
    • Recom
      • +12V: 250mA
      • -12V: 250mA
      • +5V: 0-125mA*
  • PCB dimensions: 50mm x 28mm
  • PCB standoff hole size: 3mm

*The amount of 5V current available will vary depending upon the current draw on the +/-12V rails.