The Chaos NAND fully assembled unit on our store is a NAND Synth with the CV Mod. Below are some pictures of the inside of the Chaos NAND. And if you missed the instructions for how to do this MOD, we’ve included them here for you.





CV Input (aka Chaos NAND)

This mod allows you to use an external Control Voltage signal to alter the NAND Synth’s output pitch. Using the CV Out from a Synthrotek 8/10 Step Sequencer or Synthrotek Clock Capture Module, you can easily create a dynamic and rhythmic pattern.  I highly recommend this mod; it really opens up the potential for some amazing sounds.

Nand, Synth, 4093, CV

Scroll down for more pictures and instructions.

You will need a 1/4″ Jack, an SPDT switch, and wire for this mod.

Start by de-soldering the two wires labeled ‘S’ and ‘C’  on the PCB from the DC Jack.

Connect the wire from the ‘C’ PCB position to the DC Jack in the position shown above.  The ‘S’ wire is connected to the common (middle) terminal of the SPDT switch.

Connect a wire from the DC Jack terminal that you just attached a wire to.  The other end is connected to one of the remaining SPDT switch’s solder lug connections.

Connect a wire from the remaining SPDT switch solder terminal to the tip connection of your 1/4″ jack.  The sleeve connection of the 1/4″ jack is connected to the pin terminal of the DC Jack (in the same location as the wire running from the ‘P’ label on the PCB).

Alright, you’re finished!  Now go grab your sequencer and start making some noise!

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