Audio Amplifier PC Board Only

Lofi Fuzz Pedal PC Board Only
November 26, 2010
Arbiter Fuzz Face Distortion Clone PC Board Only
November 26, 2010

The Synthrotek Audio Amplifier is another super easy kit to build with a host of application.   This kit is based upon the LM386 Op Amp IC.  Great as a pre-amp for your Atari Punk Console , allowing the APC to be used as a pedal stop box.  This kit can also make a great lofi amplifier if connected to a speaker; take your live music on the street corner and use this 9V battery operated (or 9V wall-wart) to impress passers by.  Other uses include a heaphone amp.  Limitless fun!  Full kits coming soon, but check out the BOM for now if you care to buy your own components.  The PCB has a detailed screen print that shows you exactly where and how to place even polarized components.  Enjoy!

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