CCM – Clock Capture Module PCB Only

8 or 10 Step Basic Analog Sequencer PCB Only
August 3, 2010
CCM – Clock Capture Module DIY Bare Bones Kit
August 16, 2010

The CCM – Clock Capture Module captures the frequency from the right channel from any audio source and converts it into a Clock Pulse. Any audio panned to the left channel can be exported out of the left channel output on the board. This allows for the integration of any audio source (ie Abelton Live, Logic, Korg DS-10) with analog gear. For example. Take the Drum beat from your DS-10 and let it drive the clock on your sequencer or have it trigger your Synth!  MADE IN THE USA.  Through hole design. This 2 layer board has solder mask and screen print for easy component placement. Check out the BOM for this product to order your components.

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