ECHO QUEST – LFO affected Delay with Feedback

16 Step deluxe analog sequencer CCCP design READY TO SHIP
June 29, 2011
ECHO QUEST available for purchase!!!
June 29, 2011

Brand NEW Space Delay Pedal from Synthrotek.  This pedal is packed with HUGE features.  There are 3 foot switches allowing maximum flexibility.  The first switch turns on the delay feature with an “amount” pot and a “mix” pot, when this is switched off it goes to true bypass.  The middle switch engages the feedback which can be adjusted by amount by the pot just over the on/off LED.  The third switch engages the LFO feature which adds an LFO to the delay (VERY COOL AND SPACE LIKE).  The LFO rate can be tuned by a pot as well as the color of the LFO (high to low frequency).  This pedal is large and built into a Hammond 1590 DD aluminum case.  Graphics are heavy duty and can take years of use.  A very unique pedal.  Made in the USA by US labor.  More info at Check out our YouTube demos.


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