FACE THE FUZZ – FUZZ FACE Boutique Clone Pedal

Synthrotek Passive “Horror” A/B Box
July 11, 2011
FACE THE FUZZ and A/B Box – Finished Products!
July 11, 2011

Synthrotek has delayed the release of our ‘build” of our Fuzz Face kit  – until now!  We have taken pain-staking time figuring out the best possible tone for a fuzz face style clone.  We use NOS AC128 Germanium Transistors – to give that classic chunk you are looking for.  Jimi Hendrix used this style of pedal, creating his original sound.  The PCB is set up to add a stomp box switch with ease and true bypass.  Sick ballistic graphics, and as always MADE IN THE USA!!!

– Red LED indicator

– inner trim-pot for tonal adjustment

– volume pot

– FUZZ pot

– Accepts 9V Battery or 9V CENTER NEGATIVE power adapter  2.3cm



* Currently out of stock, but new PCBs should be available in 3-5 weeks.  *

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