Making Music with Tape – Mellotron to Motor Keys

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February 26, 2010
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April 5, 2010

“Musicians are manipulators of sound, not purists”
Bob Moog

Today we are looking at Gijs Gieskes Motor Keys. (click to check out his site, lots of neat projects and even plans to build your own!)

Since the dawn of the Mellotron in the late 60’s music, few music companies have produced tape-looped keyboards…until now and to your lo-fi liking. Check out the video Below to get a nice bite:

Check out more info on the original Mellotron Check out Candor Chasma for a great model history of the mellotron with photos! Below is a video of the very expensive and sought after original.

Check out the Melloman as well, 14 sony walkman’s of fun:

Check out Vincent Gallo’s Personal Mellotron:

Vincent Gallo Mellotron studio

Vincent Gallo\’s Mellotron

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