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16 Step Deluxe Sequencer Assembly Instructions

As with any assembly project it is recommended that you read through the instructions completely once before beginning assembly.

This means the instructions and the notes.  The notes will save you many headaches and be incorporated into future instructions.

Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Assembly Notes


For those who want to know the  jack functions, here’s a list:

Jack ID Description
J1 Clock In Control Step Sequence Speed with an external clock pulse
J2 Clock Out Control other circuits with internally generated clock pulse
J3 External Reset Control 16 step sequencer with external pulse
J4 Reset Clear
J5 Reset Out Send external reset based on master reset (internal reset or external reset)
J6 S-Trig S-Trig output
J7 Control Voltage (CV) Output voltage to control external circuits such as APC
J8 DC Adapter Power circuit with 9V DC Adapter
J9 Gate Out Used for gating external circuits with pulse instead of control voltage

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