Our Face the Fuzz kit comes in two different forms: Wired and PCB-Mount. It’s the same PCB for both kits, but each kit has slightly different components, different sized cases and a different Bill of Materials.


Wired Face the Fuzz Assembly Instructions

PCB-mount Face the Fuzz Assembly Instructions


Why have two different versions? The PCB-mount and wired versions of the kit use the same circuit and sound the same.

The PCB-mount version:

  • takes less time for an experienced builder;
  • fits in a smaller case and takes up less room on a pedal board.

The wired version:

  • is easier to repair and solder and is recommended for new builders;
  • can be used in a custom case;
  • uses metal audio jacks instead of plastic.


  1. Aonghus William MacCready says:

    I just built your Face the Fuzz and its not working, I was very careful in the instructions, however, It still does not work, the power supply is center negative, I tested it out on my new power supply. Anything you can do to help?

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    Hey there,

    If you’d like to send photos of the top and bottom of the board, preferably cleaned of flux, to store@synthrotek.com; I’d be happy to go give an extra set of eyes and further troubleshoot.

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