Synthrotek’s “super-slim” Deluxe Power is designed to give you maximum power in a small, elegant package.

SMALL & SAFE: 4HP Panel at only 29mm deep! This module is very skiff friendly and will fit in ANY Eurorack case. We use VERY safe and efficient converters and regulators to protect you from short circuits or reverse polarity mistakes. If your system is drawing more power than the Deluxe Power is able to handle, the LED on the front panel will blink and the offending rail will temporarily stop functioning. In that case, simply turn your system off and remove module(s). The fastest and easiest way to check your power consumption is by making a virtual case on ModularGrid. (Please note: Many manufacturers post their operating power consumption on ModularGrid, which can be helpful in determining how many modules can work with the Deluxe Power Module. Manufacturers do not however typically note the startup power draw. Modules may draw significantly more power at startup.)

FLEXIBLE: Finally a system that grows with you! Start off with one Deluxe Power Module and one or two flying bus cables (keyed of course to avoid reverse polarity mistakes!) then graduate to our Noise Filtering Power Distribution boards as your module count grows. Connecting to our boards is a ‘snap’ now with our new Molex ‘quick-release’ power system that allows you to daisy chain Synthrotek distribution boards with ease.

POWERFUL: The front panel takes a standard 2.1mm center positive plug and is compatible with our locking DC jacks. For maximum flexibility, this power supply kicks out all 3 rails (-12, +12, +5) with adequate power for a medium-sized case: Ideal for up to 2 rows of 104HP (may power more modules, but it is not guaranteed).

A 15-24V power brick is required (16-24V is recommended) to operate this product (can be purchased as an option above).  A 90W power brick is recommended to take full advantage of all the power this unit can deliver.

Click HERE and HERE for technical information on the +/- 12 DC to DC converters.

Click HERE for technical information on the 5V DC regulator.



    • +12 @ 2.0A
    • -12 @ 1.5A
    • +5 @ 1.5A
  • Input Voltage Range: 15 to 28 volts DC (16-24V is recommended)
  • Output Voltage: +12, -12, +5
  • USB jack
  • Molex quick-release connector for easy install
  • 2 16-Pin Eurorack power connectors, keyed for safety
  • Module Width: 4HP
  • Module Depth: 29mm
  • Requires 15-24V power brick (16-24V is recommended), DC Input Jack size: 2.1mm (sold separately)

Please note: If you choose to build this unit yourself, please know that this is a VERY ADVANCED build. If you feel up to the task, please proceed! If not, get some help from a friend with experience or purchase a fully completed unit.



  1. Mark Shaw says:

    please sign me up for this! I would like to get the power module the brick to distribution strips necessary cables to construct it was shown on the video that you guys presented today. however I would like to buy an assembled version of these components when I can do so please contact me, regards, Mark

    the USB component is brilliant

  2. Patrick Kelly says:

    The Deluxe Power Supply went on sale friday, you can pick one up Here


  3. Christopher says:

    Thanks for your products.
    My question is when i check the resistor list its not the same color and value than on the pcb picture.
    The flat resistor is 2.2 but what about the 2 stand up resistor?
    Thank you

  4. Patrick Kelly says:


    The pictures are not always as accurate as we would like, due to some changes that may happen after the pictures are taken. The list on the BOM is always the most up to date and is what should be followed when building.


  5. charonme says:

    considering it uses switching regulators, how noisy is it?

  6. Patrick Kelly says:

    we haven’t measured any significant noise, nor has any been introduced into other modules from the Deluxe Power Module. This thing is one solid power supply!


  7. Scott says:

    Would the USB connection power a QuNexus sending CV?

  8. Steve Harmon says:

    Hey Scott,
    Yessir! We use a QuNexus all the time with our Deluxe Power. Its excellent for tuning DS-Ms!
    It can also power the Beat Step Pro or really anything that calls for 1 amp!

  9. Scott says:

    @Steve Harmon thanks for the info! last question – what about powering an MPX16 via usb, power specs are Power: 5.8V DC, 860mA

  10. charonme says:

    which 90W brick would be better: 24V/3750mA or 19V/4740mA (and why)?

  11. charonme says:

    according to the dc/dc converter spec sheet it seems there is slightly lower ripple at lower voltages

  12. Awesome! I just watched this video and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for… but when checking a couple vendors, none of them have it. I need it finished/built/complete as I am not up to advanced built yet. And where to get the rails featured at the end of the video? This combo seems to be perfect for my needs but I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy it.

  13. Steve Harmon says:

    Here is a link to our complete vendors list:
    Also, you can always pick order our products from our store:
    Hope this helps!

  14. Grumps says:

    I recently purchased a system with two Tip Top Zeus boards, but no power panels (they’d been removed). Would this be a good replacement?

  15. Steve Harmon says:

    If you talking about the Tip Top Zeus distribution boards, then yes, the Deluxe Power will work. You will have to connect the power supply to each board with a 16pin-16pin ribbon cable

  16. Brian Davis says:

    I have one and I’m curious about the power limit. Modular Grid shows I’m getting close to the limit in +12 modules but some of mine do not have power information. Is there a danger in connecting more modules than this can power? Can it damage my modules? is there a fire hazard?

  17. Steve Harmon says:

    Hey Brian,

    The Deluxe Power Module has safety in mind when it comes to drawing too much. The offending rail LED will blink on the panel and will shut off temporarily, giving you the opportunity to power off and remove modules. Chances are that you’ll notice it upon powering up your rig as many modules require more than the rated amount to start up. Some general symptoms of strain on the power supply are oscillators not tracking properly, LED’s dimming or flickering.


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