8 or 10 Step Basic Analog Sequencer Basic Kit

8 or 10 Step Basic Analog Sequencer Bare Bones Kit
September 3, 2010
8 or 10 Step Basic Analog Sequencer FULL Kit
September 3, 2010

Very Customizable 8 or 10 Step Sequencer kit with onboard 555 timer to adjust speed. Board allows for LED indicator, on/off switch per step, Reset function (allowing user to reset the sequence to any step). Output to CV.  MADE IN THE USA.  Through hole component mounting with Solder Mask and Screen Print for super easy assembly.  The Basic Kit will produce a functional sequencer and comes with:

-PC Board

-All IC’s




– 9V Battery Jack

-AC Adapter jack

-CV Out Jack

-On/Off switch

-11 10K Pots (10 for each step and 1 for the clock speed)

– Wire (depending on how you build your case, you may need more wire)

You will need supply your own 9v AC source, resistors, wire, CV Jack, and any components you will need for any features you care to add.  FREE SHIPPING in the USA.

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