‘Magic 8 Step’ basic analog sequencer with clock input & pitch control

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December 6, 2010
Magic 8 Step Analog Step Sequencer – FOR SALE!
December 6, 2010

Finally here, totally dope! – this basic 8 step sequencer dubbed the “Magic 8 Step” basic version, is ready to jam out of the box! Housed in a Hammond style aluminum case, it can take a beating (I would prefer you make beats, and beat it literally).  8 steps with their own pots allowing a great range of frequency per step.   Connect this to our drone synth, Atari Punk Console, or any device that takes Control Voltage in (a huge range of synths, etc.)  There is also a frequency trim pot on the side that covers 4 plus octaves.  Also featured on this kit is an led for the clock speed and a pot of course to control the on board clock.  There is another led that shows the speed of the external clock that you may use to control this device.  YES you can plug in a trigger or clock from your favorite device!  In addition there is an 8 point switch that allows you to repeat the sequencer at steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.  Sick!  Hand wired and GUARANTEED for 1 year for any issue. TAKES A 9V CENTER NEG WALL WORT, not responsible for you blowing the circuit by reversing the polarity!


* 8 Step Sequencer PCBs are currently out of stock.  Check back in 3-5 weeks for a whole new and improved design!

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