Complete PT2399 delay Stomp Box – True Bypass

4093 NAND Synth Demo!
December 2, 2010
Complete PT2399 delay Stomp Box – True Bypass
December 6, 2010’s sweet delay unit, packaged in a totally ballistic case, with true bypass stomp switch.  Works on really any instrument.  Check out our videos on the blog to see how this sounds coupled with our other products.  Only 8 of these bad boys, get them while they are hottt!!! TAKES 9V CENTER NEGATIVE wall wart, or 9V battery.  Not responsible for you blowing the circuit by reversing polarity.

True Bypass lofi delay in stompbpox



* PT2399 PCBs are currently out of stock. However, we’ve got new boards on the way! Please check back in 3-5 weeks! *

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