Dual PT2399 Dev Delay Explained

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October 18, 2013
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Check out this dual PT2399 Dev Delay in action:

Detailed instructions for wiring two PT2399 dev delays in series as per the video:

-IN on pcb 1 wired as normal
-OUT on pcb 2 wired as normal
-OUT on pcb 1 wired to IN on pcb 2
-OUT/GND on pcb one wired to IN/GND on pcb two 
-Run two wires from P contact on DC jack, connect one to VCC on each delay
-Run two wires from S contact on DC jack, connect one to GND on each delay

No special modifications are required to the standard PT2399 dev board – both delays shown in the video do have the feedback mod however.

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  1. Herb says:

    I am putting together this dual, daisy-chained version of the pt2399. Would the original wiring instructions for DC Jack, LED, Battery, etc. be applicable to doing the daisy-chain instructions above? The original instructions talk about connecting the power switch to the VCC on the pcb. The steps above say to connect the S contact on the DC Jack to the VCC on the pcb. Is the power switch not connected to VCC if doing the daisy-chain? Also, are the battery, switch, and LED all connected to the DC jack as described in the original, single delay version? Hopefully this is clear enough. Thanks.

  2. Patrick Kelly says:

    What I would do, if you are wanting to daisy chain these, would be to wire one up normally as per the instructions (for power only, follow daisy chain instructions for ins/outs), and then just run another wire from GND on one board to GND on the other, and from VCC on one board to VCC on the other. This should run power from the switch, to one board, and the second board gets power from the first (this is electrically the same as running them in parallel).

  3. Herb says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Patrick. I appreciate the help!

  4. Herb says:

    It works!!! I followed your suggestion and it works. I had the audio jacks wired incorrectly. Rewired them this evening and it’s making sound. Relieved. Thank you again, Patrick!

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