DS-8 Clone Analog Drum Synth – Bare Bones Kit

DS-8 Clone Analog Drum Synth – PCB Only
April 13, 2011
Complete PT2399 DIY Delay Kit – Stomp Box Version
April 13, 2011

The DS-8 was originally designed by Coron in the 80’s to be mounted on to a drum to in order to produce synth percussion sounds. Similar to the DS-7, which contained a VCO +VCA chain.  The LFO modulated the VCO and the decay envelope is triggered by a piezz0 cell.  The Decay Pot is really a release and the VCA is controlled by the LFO.  The DS-8 added a colored noise generator with a balance pot, which allows more hi-hat and snare “sounds” to be achieved.   This PCB is MADE IN THE USA and up to Synthrotek’s fine specs.   PC Board measures 5 & 5/8ths X 2 & 5/8ths inches. The Pots can be through-hole mounted, for an easy build.  Kit includes everything you need to build this radical drum synth.  Pop it in the case of your choice and you are ready to rip!

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