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September 20, 2012
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October 1, 2012

We’ve made some changes to the DS-8 Bill of Materials to give our synth-drummers more versatility!

The stock values for the DS-8’s noise generator have been changed and the results are totally worth the minor amount of work involved.  Two capacitors are swapped out to get snare/tom sounds out of your DS-8 and a potentiometer value has become our stock value.

The substitutions:

C10 = 0.1uF ceramic capacitor (Snare tone)

C11 = 4.7uF bipolar ceramic capacitor (Tom tone)

PAN = 50kB Linear Potentiometer (was previously an option between 50k/100k)

With the DIY spirit in mind, feel free to experiment with values to make your DS-8 unique.  Lower capacitance tends to sound higher-pitched and snare-ish, while a larger capacitance emulates tom or bass drum tones.

Check the DS-8 BOM for an updated list of components we recommend using with the DS-8 PCB.

Our experiments did not stop at killer drum tones; we’ll be posting some great new Mods for the DS-8 in the next few days that are going to take the DS-8 to the next level.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Nice, now that’s what I’m talking about! Thanks for the updated part too :o)

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