Early Release of our Modular PT2399 Delay Circuit!

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September 4, 2013
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September 19, 2013
Modular PT2399 Delay (16mm) Parts

Modular PT2399 Delay (16mm) Parts




Hey folks!

We’ve got an early release of our upcoming Modular PT2399 Delay circuit, with either a eurorack or Fractional rack power connector.

This release will not be the final version of this circuit, this batch of PCBs were designed with different potentiometers than what the final version will have, but it is a working circuit and sounds great, so we’re putting this version up in our stores now to hold you guys off until we get the final version completed!

We are calling this the Modular PT2399 Delay (16mm) because the pots the PCB is designed for has 16mm shafts.

Go and check out our Product Page for the Modular PT2399 Delay (16mm) and check it out in the store!

Because the final version will have different potentiometers we will not be releasing a panel for this circuit.

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