Eco-Skiff: Affordable Eurorack Module CASE in MANY SIZES!

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June 14, 2023
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EcoSynth is a small, portable Eurorack modular case solution, designed for your desktop! It’s a practical solution designed to save your hard-earned cash for modules. If you’re looking for a small desktop solution to augment other desktop electronic hardware, this is for you. If you need a larger case, EcoSkiff passes on the savings for more traditional size racks like 84HP and 104HP.

Save on money and space: get just as much HP as you need!
Available in the following sizes:
  • 24HP
  • 44HP
  • 64HP
  • 84HP
  • 104HP
Features and specifications:
  • Over-current protection: shuts off each power rail automatically if modules use too much current on that rail
  • The skiff goes together with just a Phillips head screwdriver!
  • Comes with 3mm slide nuts
  • Max module depth: 44mm
  • Max module depth above power supply: 33mm
Specifications, 24HP-44HP:
  • Power output:
    • +12V @ 1A
    • -12V @300mA
    • 5V@ 150mA
  • Power connectors: 2 (plus optional flying bus cable)
Specifications, 64HP-104HP:
  • Power output:
    • +12V @ 2A
    • -12V @750mA
    • 5V@ 1.5A
  • Power connectors: 15
  • Daisy chains to another EcoSkiff, Skiff Power, Five Amp Power, or Schottkey DC
Requires a 12V 5A center positive power brick with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm tip.
Assembly required, but no soldering needed. 



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