New Toob Screamer PCB, PT2399 Delay PCBs back in stock!

NEW PT2399 Delay Mods – Feedback, FeedBLAST and Warp Tremolo
April 18, 2013
OUR FIRST Modular Eurorack and FRAC Demo – The Clock Capture Module – FIRST LOOK!
May 31, 2013

We have just released a new PCB design for our Toob Screamer, built for wired components! We will no longer kit the Toob Screamer V.1 kit that comes with all PCB components but for now we will continue to sell the Toob Screamer V.1 PCB in our store, so pick them up while they are still around if you are interested in a completely PCB based design.

Click here to order the new Toob Screamer

Also the PT2399 Delay mods we posted recently were so popular we ran out of the PCBs quicker than anticipated, but they are now back in stock! Order your PT2399 and then tweak it with some of our of our mods such as our feedBlast mod to add a quick blast of feedback to your sound!

Click here to order a PT2399 Dev Delay

Click here to check out our PT2399 Dev Delay Mods

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