Schematics – A list of our product schematics, important circuit building blocks, weird experimentations, etc. If you need to know how to wire up a true bypass switch or mod your NAND Synth, this is the place to be. Check back for new content.

For the 16 Step Sequencer and the CCM:

16 Step Sequencer Schematics

Clock Capture Module Schematics

PT2399 Dev Board Data Sheet

PT2399 Delay Schematic

For all other circuits:






  1. Kevin Scott says:

    Hey Im having trouble with my toobe screamer do you have the schematics?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Is the ADSR schematic knocking around anywhere?

  3. Steve Harmon says:

    Hey Jonathan,
    A bit late, but the ADSR is an open source project with hardware and software files here:

  4. Kurt J says:

    How about the MST MIDI to CV schematics? I just built mine and find I am getting about 40mV/octave out of the CV input instead of the 1V/Octave I expected.

  5. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi Kurt, we cant give out the schematics due to licensing agreements, but have you tried to adjust eh 1v/o trimmer?

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