19_doneThe Octave Fuzz is our take on the classic 70’s SuperFuzz circuit, made into a Eurorack module. We’ve also improved on some aspects of the original as well, including an increased output.
-Two distinct voices like the original-switchable between scooped midrange, massive midrange bump.
-Agressive sounding.  It will sound massive and in-your-face like no other circuit can. This is for sonic explorers and heavy music only.  In short, it’s not useful for EVERYTHING, but the things it DOES do it excels at.  Sounds especially killer for keyboard and bass sounds.


– Scoop switch for a ‘scooped’ mirange, or to have a midrange boost.

– CV input over the Expander part of the circuit (similar to gain)

– True wet/dry mix.

– 6hp

– 35mm (1 3/8″) Deep

Current Draw:

24mA @ -12v

32mA @ +12v

0mA @ +5v

Octave Fuzz Quick Start Guide