Five Amp Power Supply in Eurorack Released!

Sound Study VID PIX video module
Sound Study VID PIX Module
July 5, 2021
XFD Eurorack CrossFader
XFD Module Released!
March 3, 2022


The Five Amp is a throwback to our original 5A Power Supply with some upgrades. It uses a quality 12V brick for the +12V power regulation instead of a +12V converter. The plus side of doing it this way is that whatever amperage the -12V and +5V rails are not using can be used by the +12V rail, which always draws the most of the three.

Five Amp comes in three different power configurations. We recommend selecting an option based upon your -12V rail draw. For a rule of thumb, Red (with red LEDs) will power a single row of 84 or 104HP, Green will power two rows of 104HP, and Blue will power three to four rows of 104HP.


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