DIY Stompbox Demo Video and Wrapup

DS-8 Drum Synths w/ Moog MoogerFooger MuRF & Analog Sequencer
January 26, 2013
Updated 16 Step Sequencer BOM and Chorus Pedal Assembly Instructions
February 7, 2013

For those that may have missed it we’ve got our new DIY Stompbox Kit up in our store. We have posted the assembly instructions along with a template to help layout your projects on it. For the technical folks there are schematics and the BOM posted. We also did up a Dirty Boost as a demo which also has instructions up on our site.  And finally, we wrapped it all up with a video to show you how the Dirty Boost sounds and show off some of the features of the DIY Stompbox Kit. So check it out!

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