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January 8, 2013
Chorus Pedal Kits are now available
January 11, 2013

We’ve been working on this for a while and we are pleased to finally unveil our new Chorus Pedal. We’re extremely pleased with both the resulting sound and the new design direction. If you’re a sound person, which most of you are, you’ll want to skip straight to the videos. Steve does a great job of describing it while Jeff plays the guitar for you. The guy behind the camera, well I just wish he’d quit shaking.  🙂

For those DIY’ers, Engineers and otherwise design obsessed here’s a little of what we’ve been doing. We’re moving toward a more refined look and trying to make it so that your DIY pedals and synths look like they were bought off the shelf. This way you get all the benefits of building it yourself like the learning, money savings and gratification plus you get an end product that looks great! This means we’ll be designing products with specific cases in mind. This gives a very polished final product but provides the option for those that do not want to put it in a particular case to run wires from the parts to the board and fit it in the case their heart desires.

Assembled Chorus Pedal


For those new to electronics the new design has the added bonus of being easier and less frustrating to assemble. Boards will now have reference numbers and values on them almost eliminating the need for instructions and a BOM. We’ll still provide these, but we’re betting most people will dive right in without these items from now on. The elimination of wires reduces the number of solder joints and therefore the assembly time as well.

We hope you like where we’re headed and look forward to your feedback.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention… get your new Chorus Pedal PCBs in our store.  Kits will be posted soon!

Next week, Toob Screamer!


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