New Synthrotek NAND Synth PCB Is Back In Stock!

Passive Ring Modulator Mod w/ Gakken SX-150 & MOOG Etherwave THEREMIN
January 31, 2012
Synthrotek Passive Ring Modulator Demo 2
February 17, 2012

The NAND Synth PCB is back in stock with a whole lot more!


– Board-mountable On/Off and OSC1/2 switches

-Large solder pads for wired connections

-Tension relief holes for dual power connections (9V Battery or DC Jack)

-LED On/Off Indicator

– A MOD solder pad array section for expanding the capabilities and customization .  Sized just right for a 8-16 Pin DIPs  like a CMOS Analog Switch or NE5332 Low Noise Dual Op Amp, there are limitless possibilities.   Or experiment with a circuit of your own!

Assembly Instructions and BOM are up and new store products are being posted.

A Hot Mod contest might be in the works in the coming months.  I’ll even throw my hat in the ring and up my mod game!  Adjustable voltage power supplies, CV Inputs, Output filtering, Sequencing, Analog Switching, Relay, etc.!   Stay tuned!

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