New Project Boards are FINALLY here!!!

PT2399 Lo-Fi Delay Assembly Instructions
May 10, 2010
Synthrotek Lofi Analog PT2399 Delay Demo Video
July 30, 2010

The much anticipated pc boards have finally arrived and will be available for purchase NOW. In the next week we will be adding parts lists and assembly instructions.  All these new boards have been professionally manufactured and include a silk screen overlay to assist in easy assembly. Here is a sampling of the new boards/projects:

8 or 10 step Lofi analog sequencer: This is a great project for anyone looking to assemble their first analog sequencer.  Beginner/Intermediate.

8 or 10 Step Analog Sequencer Board.

16 Step Deluxe Analog Sequencer: This is a very elite and original build.  Offering many features that you could not find elsewhere.  A detailed list soon to come.  We have also developed a controller module that will allow you connect up to 4 of these bad boys in either parallel or series for some AWESOME real-time sound design. Intermediate/Advanced

16 Step Analog Sequencer

Synthrotek Sequencer Control Module:  What to do if you want to perform your songs live and switch between multiple sequencers on the fly.  Or what if you want to sync 2 sequencers together in parallel and then want to move over to 2 others in parallel?  The answer is our Sequencer Control Module.  More info to come. Intermediate.

Synthrotek Sequencer Control Module

Clock Capture Module – CCM: One of the most exciting project that we have come up with.  This module allows you to take a frequency (ie from your Nintendo DS-10 software) and convert in into a clock voltage.  Simply put you can now sync your DS-10 or other devices with your analog gear!!!  Beginner/Intermediate

Clock Capture Module - Frequency to Control Voltage

Lofi Delay NEW BOARD: We now have some pro boards for this popular project that have the mask and screen print.  MUCH MUCH easier to make.  All kits or ala carte boards will ship as seen below.  Enjoy!  Beginner/Intermediate.

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