Synthrotek PT2399 Delay! Feedback, Buffers, Ready for Guitar or Synth!!

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Hey guys!  We’ve got a totally redesigned PT2399 Delay circuit ready for synth and guitar fans alike!


  • 3 controls – Delay Length, Mix, and Feedback – to customize your sound. Delay Length adjust your delay from fast slapback echo to long dub-style repeats, Mix allows you to set the wet/dry portions of the signal, Feedback gives you total control over the number of repeats, even allowing infinite repeats.
  • Buffered input and outputs featuring NE5532 low noise op amps
  • The PT2399 Echo IC was designed to mimic old-school analog BBD delay with modern digital sampling technology. Repeats degrade at higher delay lengths, resulting is a very natural well-filtered reproduction of your synth/guitar tone.
  • 3PDT switch allows for true bypass switching and LED indicators gives you a visual cue when your PT2399 Delay circuit is engaged and using power
  • Dual power supplies (9V Battery and +9VDC =>200mA DC Adapter Power Supplies) allow you to have the battery as backup or as the main power
  • Input jack switching – No instrument cable plugged in, no power used. Save life on your expensive batteries!
  • PCBs are professionally manufactured in the USA by Imagineering, based out of Elk Grove Village, IL, and designed here at Synthrotek. PCB silkscreen, through-hole components with careful on-board placement, and wire-tension relief holes were designed with the DIYer in mind!
  • PCB Dimensions: 3.125″ x 2″
  • Great for synths and guitars! Easy to configure and mod your circuit for a greater delay range, delay length modulation, and a lot more!

PT2399 Delay Stompbox and Console Kits Available!

Kit Assembly Instructions – Step-by-step instructions to make sure you build your kit the right way!

BOM (Bill of Materials) -A list of parts you’ll need to complete your own PT2399 Delay

PT2399 Echo Audio Processor IC Datasheet – For the engineers and experimenters out there!

* PT2399 Echo Audio Processor ICs are going to be available at our store soon! *


Find the PT2399 Delay PCB, Kits, and Completed Units

at our new store!

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