DIY Guitar Pedal CONTEST 2013!! Win $100 Credit

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March 12, 2013
Updated Assembly Pages: Rat Clone and Fuzz Face
March 19, 2013

We at synthrotek are finally having our first contest! WIN $100 credit at’s Store! We are GIVING away 10 PCB’s for FREE to the first 10 people who ask me (US Shipping is free!). AND we have the kit available for only 9.99 (less than our cost!), for 1 week. By asking for a free PCB you are agreeing to build the kit with your own circuit, post a youtube video, describe your project, and email us at You will then be entered into the contest and we will have our fans/customers vote on which design and sound they think is best. The winner will Get a $100 credit to our store! You can also get the kit if you need the parts, but this will cost you 9.99. If you need the kit CLICK HERE

Assembled DIY Pedal ready for your effects circuit.

Assembled DIY Pedal ready for your effects circuit.


  1. Lewis Davis says:

    Hey, are there any free ones left, id love to get in on this contest

  2. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi Lewis, yes! Just email us with your address to:

  3. Thank you for this opportunity. may I please have one ? Much success in the future. Peace !

  4. Steve Harmon says:

    just send us off an email with you address!

  5. hey guys, am i too late to get in on this? that board liiks sweet!! 😉

  6. Steve Harmon says:

    Hi PJP, the entry time is done for this one, BUT I will have more in the future. Thanks for the interest

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