New Album From Portland’s Own Banshee Cog Native Featuring Synthrotek’s Atari Punk Console

Brian Grainger Limited Edition Cassette, featuring *exclusive* Synthrotek Analogue Drones
January 24, 2012
Woohooo! New PCBs Are In!
January 25, 2012


This album was arranged by Banshee Cog Native, a side project of the Portland, OR artist Wayyyne. Each song is a mini summary of real events using sounds from the Synthrotek Atari Punk Console and other original samples such as fireworks, the natural expansive sounds of Lick Crick Caverns and Holter Lake, MT; as well as personal sound clips caught from places all around Montana, Oregon, and California. ‘“Kayla’s Christmas” jams were designed as little pick me ups to keep us stoked through all this Portland rain! Originally, it was just a Christmas gift to a friend, but it ended up being quite a catchy EP.’ So go bob yo head at and pick it up for free! Or be a sport and name your own price to support this Portland artist.

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