Woohooo! New PCBs Are In!

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January 24, 2012
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January 30, 2012
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New Synthrotek PC Boards


The long awaited PCBs have finally arrived!  We’ve spent countless hours designing and testing our new boards and they look amazing!  Manufactured by Imagineering based out of Elk Grove Village, IL, these boards are high quality and ready for your next electronics project.  We’ve designed them with our customers and builder in mind, so they’re easy to assemble, compact, and sound great!

In the following days, we’ll have more in-depth posts describing the individual features of:

  • Arbiter Fuzz Face Clone (the classic back in action!)
  • Passive A/B Switch (no more crazy wiring!)
  • Atari Punk Console (w/ Dual CV Inputs)
  • 4093 NAND Synth (finally back in stock!)
  • Passive Ring Mod (otherworldly sound possibilities)
  • PT2399 Dev PCB (based off of Princeton’s datasheet schematic)
  • 555 Astable Oscillator (easy to solder, tons of applications)
  • RAT Clone (with cool mods on-board)
  • PT2399 Delay (with new Feedback control – more delay repeats!)
  • Atari Junk (amazing retro glitch)

More cool stuff: A new store in the works, a Tech blog for DIY knowledge, tons more videos and great artists!  Check back daily for new posts!

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