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January 11, 2013
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January 18, 2013

In designing some new products our wacky engineer came up with another new product we thought you all might like. We revealed a prototype of it a while back, we’re calling it the DIY Stompbox. This unique new product is basically a skeleton pedal with a prototyping area for you to add your own effect circuit.  The DIY Stompbox is setup with all the basic components you’d want in most pedals. It has a stomp switch setup as a true bypass and LED indicator for when the pedal is active. The DC jack disconnects the battery when a DC source is present to save your 9v battery. The circuit also has a reverse polarity protection diode so you can’t blow up your circuit if you happen to plug in a DC adapter with the wrong polarity.  The remaining area of the PCB is setup with pads and holes for adding your effect circuit.

The DIY Stompbox is designed to fit inside the 1590B for a clean professional look to your custom effects pedal. You can get a plain 1590B and drill the holes for the DC jack, stomp switch and 1/4″ jacks or you can buy a pre-drilled 1590B which will have those holes plus 3 more for switches or potentiometers from your circuit. You could also mount the LED to the PCB such that it is visible from pre-drilled hole above the stomp switch and use the remaining 2 holes for potentiometers and switches from your circuit.

This product is just waiting for your ideas and creations. If a person were industrious they could open a boutique pedal shop just using this kit as the base for their own one of a kind projects. We can’t wait to hear and see what people do with this.

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